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Today you're getting All FOUR 30-Day Challenges for $1!

Learn complete songs, develop your rhythm and timing, master riffs and solos, build your improvisation skills... and much more... with these structured and detailed 30-Day Courses.

Now, You Might Be Thinking... Why Is All This Only $1?

Quite simply, I want you to give this a try over the next 30 days... I want you to experience great results and have some fun. 

And I don't want finances get in the way.

My thinking is that once you've completed these Guitar Challenges (and had a great time!), you might be ready to learn more and want to join me as a member of my Guitar Coach Academy!

Here's what you're getting today...

  • 4 Individual 30-Day Courses: For beginner to intermediate level players on both acoustic and electric guitar. 
  • ​Structured Learning: Each Journey has a clear pathway and goals with over 20 detailed videos structured into weekly modules.
  • Step by Step Training: Take the guesswork out of what to learn next. Each week you'll have Training, Practice and Fun bonus video sessions.
  • ​Easy to Learn: Each week there's Chord Charts, Tab & Backing Tracks to make your learning easy, fast and fun.

"Highly Recommended..."

"Until The Challenge I couldn't actually play anything. Now I can play 3 songs along to backing tracks and it has really restored my enthusiasm for learning guitar." 
Terry McCough
"The 30-day Challenge set me on the right track migrating from a rhythm guitar player towards becoming capable of playing lead parts."
John Hartell
"I found Andy's format for teaching me a breath of fresh air. It was well structured to accommodate all levels of guitarists, and so simple and easy to follow. Highly recommended!"
Martyn Kemp
"I completed the 30 day challenge with Andy and have improved both my lead improvisation skills and my confidence."
Rob Pope

When you start your challenge, you’ll have a clear goal and focus, so you know exactly what you’re going to achieve and play, in just the next 30 days.

You’ll have detailed step by step tuition all carefully structured into a week by week plan, so you know exactly what to learn and practice. And you’ll have complete support to ensure you stay on track, so you know you’re going to become a better guitarist in just 30-days.

Journey 1: Stuck In The Middle With You
Journey 1 is for beginner level players and you’ll be playing Stuck In The Middle with you.

This is a great song to learn, using simple open chords. But the rhythm and strumming techniques you‘ll be learning really makes this song come alive – and it’s guaranteed to make you look and sound impressive.
Journey 2: Roadhouse Blues
Journey 2 is for advanced beginner players on electric guitar, who want to get into soloing and improvisation.

In this journey we’ll be working on scales and lead licks as we build up to jamming improvised solos using Roadhouse Blues as our inspiration.
Journey 3: Like A Rolling Stone
Journey 3 is for advanced beginner to basic intermediate level players, on acoustic or electric, as we’ll be using all barre chords and more advanced strumming and rhythm patterns.

Plus you’ll be joining me and the rest of my band for jam sessions as we play Bob Dylan’s classic Like A Rolling Stone.
Journey 4: Wish You Were Here
And finally Journey 4, which is Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here.

This is for advanced beginner level players, and you’ll not only be playing all the rhythm and picking parts, but you’ll also be learning all the lead riffs and even improvising your own solo.

Each week you’ll be learning the core skills and techniques that will allow you to play with greater confidence and to have fun every step of the way.

Plus each week there’s supporting notes, tab and backing track downloads, so you can take your practice sessions offline and have fun playing anywhere.

So if you want to learn songs, or play solos. Or if you play acoustic or electric. Or if you’re a beginner or more intermediate level player, then there’s a challenge for you.

But don’t worry if you’re not sure which journey to take, because when you start today you get access to all 4 journeys, so can switch between journeys, or even do them all!

Andy Partridge, Guitar Coach & Instructor

"I guarantee you’ll be amazed just how much you can improve in just 30 days when you have the right focus, structure and support to help you get there!"

Get 30-Days Access to ALL 4 of these 30-Day Challenge Journeys, for a single one-off payment of just $1.

Your $1 payment gives you full access to all 4 of the Challenge Journeys for the next 30-Days. This is a one-off payment and there are no additional or ongoing charges or fees.
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