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Anytune App Review

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As you’ll see when you watch the video below, the benefits of this Anytune App are far easier demonstrated than explained.

So, I could write the shortest review ever and say – just download it! However I feel it does justify a few words of explanation. Now the version we used in the teaching video is the Pro Version, but you can do everything we did with just the free version.

In the video we were just focusing on the app’s core feature (which it does extremely well) and that is to slow music down. But what sets this apart is the quality of sound and ease of use. It’s really rather addictive!

Being able to import any song either from my iTunes, or from a folder or Dropbox makes this so easy to use, plus you can chose to learn maybe a studio version of a song and then see how it differs from live versions.

But there are also a ton of other features within the app beyond just slowing the tune down. One of my favourites is the interval trainer. With this feature, we can isolate a riff (as we did with Sweet Home Alabama) and then loop that section, starting at a really slow tempo and then set it so that each time it loops, it gets a little faster. This is really effective in building your rhythm, timing and muscle memory.

Anytune App Review Verdict: Download it now!

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Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama

It’s always good to teach a classic riff that you hopefully haven’t played before, not only for the enjoyment of our readers and aspiring guitarists, but it makes Andy sweat a little, as he hadn’t played the intro to Sweet Home Alabama for a while. We gave him very little time to brush up on it… and he did indeed sweat! Although our studio was particularly hot that day.

Anyway, our decision was further cemented following our Ultimate Guitar and Anytune reviews – have a read and you’ll see what we mean.

The Sweet Home Alabama intro employs a remarkably clean sound, so Andy dug out his Fender Tele for this one and demonstrates each note of the 4 distinctive parts, which combine picking a melody with 4 subtle variations for each one that really make this stand out. If you play it in a more haphazard, less accurate way, you will lose some of the feel and somehow, know something isn’t quite right. These are only subtle
differences, but enough to think “have I played this correctly?”

As far as your guitar development is concerned the intro includes hammer-ons, pull offs, vibrato, string bends, string skipping and a need for accurate strumming hand execution. So these pieces will ensure you’re not short of skills and classic riffs to practice.

Lick No.1

Lick No.2

Lick No.3

Lick No.4

Slow Practice Session


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