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Chord Melodies. Preview Video 1

This is the first in a series of video previews, to give you give you and idea of what we’ll be covering my Free Live Training. Click the button below for more details!

This first session is looking at how you might play a simple chord sequence, and then use that same sequence higher up the neck, to create a simple melody.

You can take this same approach with any sequence of chords – just experiment and see what you can do!



To learn more of these techniques and find out more about my Free Live Training, simply click the button below


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  1. Mike Mangold says:

    Thank you for keeping the motivation UP! Trying to stay Patient with myself and finding enough time. I get it done, I have another 20 years. I loved this last cession, I will be on it tonight. Thanks Mike

  2. Bruce Nicholas says:

    You are the only true teacher I have have found. I have been playing, and some teaching, for 45 years. I still try to keep track of what’s being taught because, you know, the music industry isn’t on the up and up! Chin up!Pip Pip, cheerio! Love you!

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