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Hey There Delilah.

This is a tremendously popular song to learn, so we decided to include it in this edition as part of an instruction of how to learn a complete song, using basic finger picking. Something we have not ventured into before. And to make it really interesting, we have recorded a backing track that includes sleigh bells and tubas. You know, to give it a Christmassy feel!


Before you attempt to learn the song, become familiar with its component parts (intro, verses, choruses, middle 8s/bridges etc…) and perhaps even write it out long hand. After you have learnt the chords you can write these over the top of the lyrics as you start to commit this top tune to memory. You will find that “what comes next?” becomes second nature and allows you to concentrate on some of the aspects that you find somewhat trickier, such as the chord changes, or hitting the correct bass notes with your thumb.

So, as a heads up, the chords are D, F#m, Bm, G and A and you will always be plucking the route note of the chord you are playing, followed by the G and B strings in unison. We are sure this video will certainly give you an insight into something new that will motivate you to learn more songs and, who knows, take you down a different path on your guitar playing journey.

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The Backing Track:

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