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E Minor Pentatonic improvisation

E Minor Pentatonic improvisation. Introduction


Riff 1

Riff 2

Riff 3

What Have We Achieved So Far?

The first improvisation session covered the E minor pentatonic scale in the open position and gave you an idea of what you can achieve as you learn the magic of improvisation. We are now going to start progressing further by giving you some ideas of licks that you can incorporate into your playing.

What will this lesson give me?

Whenever you improvise, you will need a small armoury of riffs and licks that you can employ exactly, or use variations of, as you jam on your own or with others. Andy has provided 3 licks to learn that will help you develop your own ideas for the future. It is important that you develop your own style so it is crucial that, after learning the licks in this video, you extend or vary them or even make up entirely new ones, because it is you improvising – no one else. When you have gained more experience you will find yourself returning to these licks but not necessarily playing them exactly. You will be adding extra notes and changing the emphasis on the way you play them almost without realizing – and, suddenly, you will have a unique style all of your own.

The full tabs and backing tracks are here and watch out for part 3 of the series in the next issue.

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