FREE 42 Classic Guitar Riffs Tab Book.

This is how to turn boring practice routines into fun skills training sessions…

(…that’ll make you look, sound and feel totally awesome!)

Classic Guitar Riffs Free Tab Book

42 Classic Guitar Riffs. Download Your Set Of 3 FREE Tab Books.

Are you fed up of playing the same old things every time you pick up your guitar?

And do you find yourself getting in a bit of a rut of always playing the stuff you already know really well, rather than trying to find something new, that will challenge you?
It’s a real problem.

The fact is, if you really want to become a better player, then you need to find new songs or riffs or solo’s to learn, that are within your playing capabilities, but not too difficult to put you off.

They need to boost your confidence and motivation, not detroy it 🙂

It’s why I love this!

Even the simplest of Guitar Riff can teach you something new.

Maybe a new technique, a new sound or playing style, a new timing, or a new way of adding greater feel to your playing.

PLUS, you get a real buzz when you nail a Classic Riff and can jam along to the song!

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