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3.4 Essential Guitar Accessories

Although you may not need all the amps, effects and gizmos for your acoustic, there are still some essential (and not so essential) accessories you will require to begin your journey ahead.

Picks (or plectrums as they are sometimes known) for picking and strumming.
These are cheap and come in different sizes, thickness and materials. Experimentation will help you decide on your pick of choice (generally the thinner more flexible ones are best for beginners) but you will need quite a few spares because, bedrooms especially, “eat them.”

A Tuner to ensure your guitar is tuned accurately.
From using your iPad, to a simple digital tuner or app, the choice is yours, although we will show you how to tune by ear later on. Always have one handy.

Like picks, they come in different gauges (thicknesses) and material (such as nylon and steel) and you will find the ones that suit you. As a general rule, at the outset, steel light to light medium gauges will be the most appropriate. Just ask for this at your local music store and see how you get on.

A strap.
Essential if you stand up when playing. Just make sure it is comfortable, there is somewhere to attach both ends on your guitar and buy a cool one!!!!

A metronome
To ensure you stay in time

Some non-essential accessories;
These will come into play as you progress further.

A guitar stand
To ensure you have somewhere safe to rest your guitar when you are not playing

A capo.
This fits on the guitar between the fret wires to help you play simple chords in different positions on the neck. It is also useful for playing songs in a different key……….but more of that later

Trainers and supports
For when you are really hammering those practice sessions

Nail Clippers.
Yes…….we have just said nail clippers. Long nails on your hand you use to hold down the strings will hamper your playing. Keep your clippers hidden – no one will ever know. These do not therefore need to be cool-looking; except when you become famous

Not initially readily available, but a great motivational tool at any stage.

Our goal is to provide you with the training, inspiration, motivation and confidence to become the guitarist you dream of becoming.

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