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Day 3: Heroes (David Bowie).

An all-time Bowie classic. We shot this slightly odd video at the house of my band vocalist (and sound engineer’s) home studio. Enjoy!

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OK, Let’s Get Into This Song

Recorded by David Bowie, written by Brian Eno and Bowie. Produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, it was recorded in July and August 1977, and released on 23 September 1977.

Heroes. Teaching Video.

Heroes. Teaching Video 2.

Song Lyrics

I, I wish you could swimLike the dolphinsLike dolphins can swimThough nothing, nothing will keep us togetherWe can beat them, forever and everOh, we can be heroes just for one dayI, I will be KingAnd you, you will be QueenThough nothing will drive them awayWe can be heroes just for one dayWe can be us just for one dayI, I can remember(I remember)Standing by the wall(By the wall)And the guns, shot above our heads(Over our heads)And we kissed, as though nothing could fall(Nothing could fall)And the shame, was on the other sideOh, we can beat them, forever and everThen we could be heroes just for one dayWe can be heroesWe can be heroesWe can be heroes just for one dayWe can be heroes

Heroes. Backing Track Video.

Once you’ve nailed the chord sequence and changes, plus got to grips with the palm muting, then you’re now ready to put it all together and jam along with me 🙂

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