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The 7-Day System: Discover The Secret To Confidently Playing Your Favourite Guitar Songs, In Front Of Anyone… Error Free!

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Learning Song Structures

Master Chords & Timing

Rhythm & Strumming

Jam With The Band

About Your Instructor…

As a well respected player, teacher and coach, Andy Partridge is the lead instructor within the Guitar Coach Academy.

Andy’s gentle step by step approach and detailed note by note lessons, will give you the confidence, reassurance and motivation you need, to really achieve your guitar playing goals sooner than you thought possible.

His relaxed and engaging teaching style (complete with sometimes questionable jokes) make learning easier, faster, and so much more fun.

Starting today, you can remove the overwhelm and confusion of too many videos from too many different teachers, that just don’t fit your learning style… And just focus your time and effort to get the best results, fast!

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