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10 Musical Instruments That Sound Great With Your Guitar

The guitar is arguably one of the coolest inventions to ever have graced the Earth, coming through the hands of Man. Why? Let us try and speculate. First, you have to agree to go on appearances and admit that whoever carries it automatically becomes a hundred times more appealing. If they play it and well, further doubts about their desirability quotient cease to exist.

Next, if music be the gift to the soul, the guitar is Santa Claus – it is the producer of some of the greatest pieces of music to ever be made, soothing to the ears a la John Mayer and Eric Clapton, or pumping up the blood in your veins a la Metallica.

To lay this divine instrument is a pleasant blessing, and to make it sound better a sacred duty. Read on for a compiled list on what instruments to add to your guitar to make it sound even better, thank me later!

The Harmonica.

Photo by T_S, CC0 1.0

This little instrument can pack it quite a punch which surpasses whatever you might think of it at first blush due to its size. This maverick instrument, played by several famous musicians through the ages, gives out a distinctive and very melodious sound which goes surprisingly well with the guitar. This instrument’s main advantage is that it is ridiculously easy to carry, and surprisingly easy to maintain. It will take you a while to learn, but after you’re finally a master, you’re good to go out there and jam to your heart’s content for the rest of your life!

The Piano.

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Think this instrument’s scope is constricted to classical romantic movies and old Aunt Elsie’s parlour? Think again, my friend. Because the piano might be an instrument you have traditionally learnt to associate with the days gone by, but it still makes music that will blow away modern punks when played along with your guitar. The piano is a very harmonious instrument, and can take effort to master just like your guitar did, but everything is well worth the toil. The piano serves as very harmonious accompaniment to a lot of other instruments as well, like the violin, so you know you have taken the path chosen by old masters. Next time, do not forget to have a guy from your band playing this onstage when you’re jamming!

The Bass Guitar.

Pause for a while to ask yourselves this question – what sort of a guitarist are you? What you play is obviously motivated by what you like to hear, and if you are a guy that took up the guitar inspired by Metallica or Megadeth, there are high chances that an acoustic guitar, or a single electric, won’t see you producing directly the music of your dreams. And that, my friends, is where the bass guitar comes in. The perfect accessory instrument for producing all those grungy tracks made by the hard rock and metal bands, this is perfect for your next concert.

Oral Music.

Photo by F_P, CC0 1.0

Better known in pop culture as vocals. The vocals refer to the song along with which you’re playing the guitar or other musical instrument, in tune. This is often the highlight of the performance for the common folk, so you better pay proper attention to it. You might pick out the best person to accompany your guitar skills while singing, or not eat too many ice-creams if you got to do that yourself. Memorise all the lyrics, train to sing in tune and with good pitch, and take care of your voice. Practice till you’re perfect.

The Flute.

 Photo by CMEPinky, CC0 1.0

There is a common notion that not many people are players of both the flute and the guitar, which might be subjectively true. As they belong to different schools and genres of music, they are often not played together – but that is a shame, because clearly the listeners aren’t exposed to the magic created when these instruments merge! These instruments sound great together, and require different sorts of training to get used to them. Make sure to find somebody in the neighbourhood who can play along!

The Melodic.

This is an instrument that has got the best of both worlds of the piano and the flute. Yes, it even looks like those two instruments were merged into one. This looks like a piano, complete with keys that can be played like one too, or can be played by blowing air into it. It will cost you less than a real piano will, and if you know how to play the piano, you will play the melodic better. Moreover, here is an instrument that is going to sound great with your guitar.

The Trumpet.

I request every enthusiastic guitarist out there to not confine, in their mind, people who play trumpets to the outside of the Buckingham Palace exclusively. Yes, they do a good job of it there, but there is no reason you should not resort to it as accompaniment to your guitar at that next jazz or rock concert you’re playing at. The trumpet produces a strong sound that sounds really groovy by the guitar, with no indications of the accompanying sound getting lost in all the noise. Train a band member to learn playing this, and you’re good to go.

Percussion Musical Apparatus.

Photo by Simone_Ph, CC0 1.0

There is an entire family of equipment of various sorts that are grouped under the head of ‘percussion’, and the musical instrument group is only a sub – category. Even then, there are a wide variety of instruments describes by being ‘percussion instruments’, that are actually very good companions for your guitar. They can produce sounds of varying pitch and strength and complexity across the whole spectrum of genres, and have been used by countless musicians in the past alongside guitars. Find your perfect fit, then go out there and rock it!

A Recorder.

Photo by F_P, CC0 1.0

The recorder is a tricky instrument to get right, but that does not mean you should get discouraged and not use it. Because the fact stands that it sounds great with your guitar. The recorder can be used (with varying degrees of success in producing sound that is pleasing to the ears) by people of all ages, but you need to test and find one that really sounds good. It sounds very good for old soft rock songs when played along with guitar.

The Saxophone.

Photo by F_P, CC0 1.0

If there came across a musical instrument in recent times that sounded nearly as inviting and poignant as the same time as the saxophone did, music lovers all over the world would thank their lucky stars. And played with the guitar, the result is heavenly. If you are going in for a particularly enticing sort of music, make sure to play this instrument along with the guitar for best results. You will catch it in numerous intros to songs all through time.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument that produces some of the most quality music out there in the world today, and no stone should be left unturned in making it sound even better to the ears. Here I have listed some instruments that sound majorly good when played accompanying the guitar, and combine them efficiently to make music that transcends time!

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