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The Eagles Lyin Eyes

The Eagles Lyin Eyes



So you can now learn the introduction to Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles. Andy shows you a simple strumming pattern using some open chords, but a slightly more challenging chord change.

Chords used

The first one is a G Major. It is made up of the top E-string 3rd fret which is a G note, an open B, open G, open D, 2nd fret A string, which is the B note, and finally, the 3rd fret bottom E-string which is the G.

The next chord is a G Major 7 and is slightly more difficult. It’s the same as the G chord, except you move on the top string on the 3rd fret down to the 2nd fret. It consists of the top E 2nd fret, then an open B, open G, open D, 2nd fret A-string, and 3rd fret bottom E-string.  


Screenshot 2014-06-26 09.52.23


Next is an open C chord, made by having the top E open, a C note made by the 1st fret on the B-string, open G, 2nd fret on the D string, and the 3rd fret on the A-string. It doesn’t matter much if you play that bottom E string, but do your best not to strike it too hard.

The next chord is A Minor, made with a top E open, 1st fret B-string, which is the C note, 2nd fret G-string which is the A note, an E note on the 2nd fret of the D string, and the A-string is open.

Then we have a D chord, made with a 2nd fret on the E string, 3rd fret on the B string, which is a D note, 2nd fret on the G string, which is an A note, and an open D string.

Strumming pattern 

In the strumming pattern we’ll be leading with a down stroke, and omitting the upstroke to give us an accent on the chord changes. The rhythm goes 1, 123456; 1, 123456; 1, 123456; 1, 123456. It may not be the exact way it’s played but it works here. It comes down to practicing those chords and that strumming pattern.

Now practice!

OK, watch the video and play along with the practice session until you’ve got it nailed. Have fun!



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