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3.9 Sore Fingers

Sore Fingers

Unfortunately sore fingers are going to affect us all (aching and pain) – even for the most experienced players who may decide to take a sabbatical for a month or 2.

The aching will eventually go away as you develop finger and thumb strength and you will eventually develop hard skin/calluses that will negate any once-sore digits.

Andy offers up some advice on how you can continue to “play” though the pain barrier:

You have to go through pan barrier and need to build up calluses on all 4 fingers

  •  Tips – Lighter gauge strings/Lower action on neck…….Not recommended as really a cheats way out
  •  Continue to play by using different fingers or different part of finger
  • Perform exercises exerting no pressure such as muting or open string exercises.

We’re sure you’ll get through it!

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