David Bowie Heroes. Easy Guitar Songs

Andy | January 11, 2016 | 12 Comments

David Bowie Heroes Easy Guitar Lesson.

I actually recorded this a few years ago now, but felt it makes a fitting tribute to the true musical genius that was David Bowie. I hope you have fun playing the song and remembering the vast and varied music of Bowie. Please do leave me a comment with your thoughts below the videos. Thank you!

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Introduction. Video 1

David Bowie Heroes. Guitar Lesson. Video 2

David Bowie Heroes. Guitar Lesson Backing Track.

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  1. Packrat says:

    Great lesson on a really fun song to play.

  2. Nigel Hunt says:

    My favourite Bowie song was sung beautifully and played in a way I will be able to copy. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

  3. Bob says:

    Thats a great lesson made easy by the teaching style..

    • Zaf says:

      Once again you’v managed to break it down to laymen’s terms.
      Another great song Andy something to add to my list .
      Looking forward to more good stuff, Including the ‘Volume2 and 3’Lesson’s Andy.
      Dont keep us hanging to long.
      By the way ‘Thank you’ to you’r support team (Jon)for quick timely responses.Keep up the good work guy’s.

    • Andy says:

      Volume 2 live and Volume 3 we’ve finally started on. Plus there will be Volumes 4 and 5 hopefully coming soon!

  4. mikie says:

    Thandys Andy..fantastic.

  5. dustin says:

    I enjoyed the version of Heros, and so sad to lose another great.Since I been listening to Bowie there were many favorites, but ” China Girl ” stands out, keep doing your lessons because the way you teach,it seems a litt[e more simpliar thank you

  6. Archbishop Dr.Michael Foreman says:

    Loved the first video.
    The man has a great voice and did real justice to that song.
    Thank you!

  7. Geoff Hughes says:

    Sounds good ,the voice was quite good too.Raining outside ,something to keep me in , nothing on tele.Must aggree with Nigel.

  8. Nigel Hunt says:

    Love the lesson, love the song which was beautifully sung. Great job!

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