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The Sounds & Style Of Eddie Van Halen

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EVH turned rock guitar on it’s head when he burst onto the scene in 1979.

Eddie brought two-handed tapping to the fore and every guitar player in the early 80’s wanted to know exactly how he was doing it; at first he?turned his back to the audience when
executing the technique, but it was soon to become­­ a staple of Van Halen’s live performances.

More importantly Eddie played with a smile on his face making everything look effortless, and?he?was one of the first users of the Floyd Rose tremolo system-divebombs and squeals galore!
EVH built his own guitars in the beginning which have now culminated in his own Wolfgang signature series with Fender; but in the beginning it was stray-style guitars with a hum bucking pickup in the bridge position and those familiar stripes. Eddie’s signal chain consisted of a wah-wah pedal-which he modified-a phaser pedal and a flanger. All those familiar riffs such as a ‘Panama’ and ‘Unchained’ were recorded with these boxes. From there it was into a non-master volume Marshall head; 100w of pure, unadulterated, cranked british goodness!

It was due to EVH’s desire to drive these amps into singing overdrive by using either a hotplate (a device used to allow the cranking of valve heads at a more accessible volume) or winding the volume/gain up to ear-splitting volumes. So, to avoid clearing a hole in the front 5 rows of a show, Amp companies started making amps with master volumes… so you could argue that Mr Van Halen invented the master-volume amp.

Let’s go and grab our favourite spandex and mullet as we go and recreate some signature EVH sounds… WOW!

Introduction to Eddie

Recreating the Sound

Playing In The Style Of…

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