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Guitar Coach is a specialist publication designed specifically for iPad, rather than a print magazine that’s simply been transferred to digital as is so often the case. So the question is, does it make full use of the format?

The answer is a resounding yes. Whereas transferred magazines are generally pdfs of the print versions and so lacking in any real interactivity, Guitar Coach is packed with guitar boxes full of immersive, high quality content aimed at both both beginner and intermediate levels.

For a start, professional and practical video coaching sessions not only get you playing your guitar – but really enjoying it too. Teach yourself everything from songs, riffs and licks to the art of solos and improvisation. You can even build your own library of coaching sessions along the way. In no time at all you might find yourself playing the lead for Vertigo by U2, or the introduction to Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles!

But let’s not forget that Guitar Coach is first and foremost a magazine, so as well as clear and helpful techniques to inspire you to keep practicing – and keep improving – you’ll also discover all the latest guitar news, product reviews, hints, tips, techniques, big name interviews, articles and guitarist profiles.

Benefit from expert advice on buying your first acoustic guitar, or catch up with interviews and tips from the likes of Nils Lofgren, ace sideman to Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Easily as good as anything out there on the shelves, the mag is well laid out and easy to follow thanks to the detailed tab and instructions – all optimised for the stunning iPad display. And what’s more, it’s all absolutely free!

For anyone who wants to start playing the guitar, improve their ability in an effective and enjoyable way, or just loves guitars full stop, Guitar Coach is an indispensable companion for your iPad. Enjoy!

Our goal is to provide you with the training, inspiration, motivation and confidence to become the guitarist you dream of becoming.

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