Another Nail In My Heart. Quick Riff

Andy | February 16, 2017 | 2 Comments

Pickup ‘n’ Play:

In this weekly series of videos I want to share with you some awe-inspiring, non time-consuming riffs, melodic exercises and quirky takes on famous guitar parts, that will make you want to pick your guitar, cement your skills, and increase your thirst and desire to learn more!

Another Nail In My Heart (Squeeze)

End Keyboard Line

This uses descending set of melodic notes in the E major scale and designed to discipline you to playing them in the correct order – on the recording, it’s not even played on the guitar!

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  1. Terry McKeogh says:

    Hi Andy,
    Another great lesson! But I’m writing not so much to compliment you on the lesson, but the song selection for the lesson. You pick songs that are sometimes off the road well traveled, but which are songs that were favourites of mine from way back. Songs that I don’t hear often on the oldies radio station, at least not here in Canada. Another Nail in My Heart is certainly in that category, as was Come Up and See Me Make Me Smile, which I found on your site. 37 and 42 years respectively since their original release. It’s fantastic to be reminded of them and really a thrill to be able to play them by following your instruction.
    Keep up all the good work,

  2. Ed says:

    In the key of E there is no Ab, it’s correctly called G#, no letter repeats in a key!

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