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JJ Cale. Call Me The Breeze

JJ Cale. Call Me The Breeze. Introduction



Why J.J.Cale?

As you have probably gathered, Andy is a massive J.J.Cale fan, which has prompted him to give you a brief insight into the type of riff he plays in between lines when he is not singing. Known for his great touch, feel and timing, J.J. Cale manages to project an almost laziness to his playing whilst still making it have passion, often with jazzy overtones. Many a guitarist can reproduce the notes, but not in the same way that characterizes his style.

What will this riff give me?

This one small riff is played after the first line of the first verse has been sung and variations of the same “set of notes” all played with a different emphasis occur throughout the song. What is important is the way he emphasizes gaps, plays notes when you least expect them and most of all, when he chooses not to play at all.

How will it help my playing?

It is in the key of F# but, like most blues patterns,it is easily transposed to other keys. As far as this riff is concerned, learn it with the video and thenplay along with the whole song, adding your own variations by using the same notes but playing less or more of them, adding in pauses and, of course, in a different order. This really is a fun thing to do and will develop your jamming and ability to improvise.


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