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Tom Petty American Girl. Strumming Session

Tom Petty American Girl

Tom Petty American Girl.

Us guitarists are always looking to pick up new tricks and either show them off or retain some self satisfaction that will give you an inner smile.

To help GC readers achieve this we have selected  American Girl by Tom Petty which cleverly forms a chord employing the D note using octaves i.e. the same note but different pitches. Don’t worry about this for now, we have mentioned this to intrigue you, it is fully explained in the video.


Chords & Strumming

There are 3 distinct rhythmic patterns (intro, verse and middle 8) so it becomes an exercise in being able to change according to the part or mood of the song.

The strum to the intro will take a bit of practice, but the rest of the song is relatively simple, although there are a few chord changes that may challenge your ability to keep the pattern going whilst seamlessly changing from one open chord to the other. Oh – and one bar chord, which happens to be Bm.

When you have finished and, if you have not done so already, read the narrative for the One I Love Strum pattern, and e mail us your description of American Girl.

Yet another tune and strumming pattern to add to your list. Enjoy.

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