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Bitch Straps review

Bitch Straps review

The one essential requirement about playing a guitar at a gig is comfort. This is where a top quality strap comes in and we found it with Bitch Straps.

Not only have did we find a durable, comfortable, hard-wearing strap, but one that allows you to adjust the length with ease to suit your playing style with one quick adjustment.

Think about the hassle you have when trying to adjust the length of your strap. You may want to pose in a different way, may want to lend it to someone else in haste or even feel a minor adjustment is necessary.

This is where the Bitch Strap comes in. They can be adjusted in a matter of seconds, importantly whilst you are playing, and this is what makes the design unique.

Watch Andy’s brief demonstration and check out their website at for their range of straps and accessories. They’re cool.

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