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Freshman Guitars. NAMM Special

Freshman Guitars

Always on the lookout for your smaller guitar manufacturers, we were particularly pleased to bump into a couple of fantastic guys working out of Scotland from the manufacturers of Freshman Guitars. These aesthetically pleasing acoustic guitars varied in price range from approx. $300 right up to $2,200, which we thought was impressive as it caters for all price ranges for all levels of guitarists.

There was no sales pitch, just a very kind offer to try out as many as we liked and give our opinion, so we wasted no time in playing as many as possible. We can honestly say they all had a great feel and action and sounded extremely rich in tone with an evenness of sound that meant there was no harshness or, indeed, a feeling that the top or bottom strings exuded a greater volume than the others. Something that is apparent in some other brands.

It was clear that the factory makes the guitars to the manufacturer’s specification and not just rolled out as part of a factory-line process, attempting to satisfy quality at the expense of quality.

Although all the guitars deserve a mention, the 600 series was a particular delight to play. Manufactured using quilted mahogany for the back and sides with a great looking spruce top, the thin neck (as is evident throughout the Freshman range) makes it very easy to play and work your way around the fret board, whether you are finger picking, strumming or banging out the odd solo or lick.

It left us wanting more………….so we kept popping by for a few more plays to ensure the quality was still there. And it was!!!!

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