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Paperback Writer riff. The Beatles

Paperback Writer riff.

So here’s another classic Beatles intro for you to learn. The majority of them are instantly recognisable, so we won’t tell you that this is the case for Paperback Writer – although it is!!!!!

This natty melody is based around the G minor chord shape barred on the 3rd fret and is initially a challenge because of the way you have to “re-shape” the initial chord shape in order to pick out the melody.

You will also have to master an element of string skipping with your picking hand as well as master when to pluck the string and when to use hammer-ons in order to authenticate the feel of the riff and enable it to be played smoothly.

As we weren’t going to say, this is an iconic riff that, that, once whipped into shape, sounds impressive because of the speed and sleekness of the melody created by the techniques you will employ as we have described above.

Click play and Andy will show you exactly how.

Paperback Writer: Teaching Video

Paperback Writer: Backing Track

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