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Guitar Finger Trainer. Powerfingers System 5

Guitar Finger Trainer. Whether you are a beginner or advanced guitarist, it is essential to maintain both the strength and flexibility of your fingers. Each package of Powerfingers comprises 5 different resistances with a series of exercises, both on and off the fretboard designed to help you work your way through the different resistances, depending on your current strength levels; each different resistance being colour coded. These have definitely taken exercising your digits to a whole new level.

The Powerfinger is washable and hard-wearing in that, no matter how much they are used, they do not lose their resistance or shape, no matter how dexterous you become.

They can be used to help your playing on any stringed instruments, from the violin to the double bass, but, apart from the revolutionary design of the product and suggested exercises, there is scope to develop your own and share them within the Powerfinger community. We have not thought of any yet, but we will get our thinking caps on and see if we are able to come up with anything original.

Having said that, the suggested exercises range from basic stretching to playing chords and scales on the fretboard which will make your fingers work harder than normal so that, once you have finished an exercise and take the gizmo off, you suddenly find yourself flying around the keyboard. With constant use it will enable you to play for much longer than normal which can be especially important when gigging.

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