FREE 42 Classic Guitar Riffs Tab Book.

The Classic Riffs Collection: 

Riffs #1: Sweet Home Alabama

Riffs #2: Don’t Fear The Reaper

Riffs #3: Paperback Writer

Riff #3: Paperback Writer:

Master These 42 Classic Guitar Riffs:

Ain’t Talkin Bout Love: Van Halen, Back In Black AC/DC, Heartbreaker: Led Zeppelin, Johnny B Goode: Chuck Berry, Layla: Eric Clapton, Norwegian Wood: The Beatles, Paradise City: Guns n’ Roses, Rebel Rebel: David Bowie, Sex On Fire: Kings Of Leon, Smells Like Teen Spirit: Nirvana, Still Got The Blues: Gary Moore, Sultans of Swing: Dire Straits, Sunshine Of Your Love: Cream, Sweet Home Alabama: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Albatross: Fleetwood Mac, All Right Now: Free, Already Gone: The Eagles, Crazy Train: Ozzy Osbourne, Day Tripper: The Beatles, Don’t Fear The Reaper: Blue Oyster Cult, Enter Sandman: Metallica, Highway To Hell: AC/DC, I Feel Fine: The Beatles, I Love Rock n Roll: Joan Jett, Lady Writer: Dire Straits, Last Train To Clarkesville: The Monkeys, Life’s Been Good: Joe Walsh, Roadhouse Blues: The Doors, Beat It: Michael Jackson, Black Betty: Ram Jam, Black Dog: Led Zeppelin, Brown Sugar: The Rolling Stones, Crossroads: Cream, Hocus Pocus: Focus, Paint It Black: The Rolling Stones, Paperback Writer: The Beatles, Roxanne: The Police, Stayin Alive: The Bee Gees, Superstition: Stevie Wonder, There She Goes: The Las, Walk This Way: Aerosmith and Wanted Dead Or Alive: Bon Jovi.

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The full Classic Riffs Collection covers 42 riffs, each 3 with multi-camera teaching videos. That’s 126 step by step videos, giving you over six and a half hours of detailed tutorials. Plus all the lessons are downloadable, so you can take your practice offline.  And all the riffs come complete with printable tabs and practice backing tracks.

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“Great selection of riffs, very happy. At this time I have only had the chance to have a quick look but on viewing them, I know they will help me immensely.” Regards David.

“Definitely an 11 on the Marshall Scale… Intro to the Classic Riffs is spot on and very easy to learn, especially with your easy to follow videos. Thanks!” Christopher

“What more can I say… He offered a good product then delivered on it. Great job. Easy to follow. Can’t say enough about how easy it is to follow the lessons”. Scott Jones


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About Your Instructor

As a well respected player, teacher and coach, Andy Partridge is the lead instructor within the Guitar Coach Academy.

Andy’s gentle step by step approach and detailed note by note lessons, will give you the confidence, reassurance and motivation you need, to really achieve your guitar playing goals sooner than you thought possible.

His relaxed and engaging teaching style (complete with sometimes questionable jokes) make learning easier, faster, and so much more fun.

Starting today, you can remove the overwhelm and confusion of too many videos from too many different teachers, that just don’t fit your learning style… And just focus your time and effort to get the best results, fast!

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