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You Can’t Do That By The Beatles


You Can’t Do That By The Beatles

So now to combine the intro, one of the verse chords and associated rhythm pattern, along with the ending for this Beatles classic.

Allegedly, this song was going to be released as a single when Paul McCartney presented his new tune, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, to the rest of the band and suddenly, “You Can’t Do That” was relegated to the B side. (Or so the story goes).

Anyway, being able to play the melody line smoothly, letting the notes clearly ring out and then switching to the G7 (barre) chord (and then back again), may prove challenging, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. Once you’ve mastered these bits, the rest of the song will be a doddle.

You Can’t Do That. Riff Tab

You Can't Do That By The Beatles. Riff Tab

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