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Practice Routines and Warmups

Practice Routines. Video 1

High Impact Practice Routines:

How To Make Real Progress With Your Playing, Even If You Struggle To Find Time To Practice.

Video#1. Physical & Mental Warmups

Video#2. Training Techniques & Timing

Video#3. Phrasing, Feel & Fun

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I believe there are 3 components to a really great practice session, and you should look to spend time on each of these components, every time you sit down to play.

The First component of your practice session is Warm-up, the second is Training, and third is Fun!

Breaking your practice sessions down into these 3 components makes sure it stays interesting – and as you go through these videos, you’ll see for yourself how all these components work together, so you can start to experience great results, in no time at all.So today session we’re going to kick things off by looking at your Warm-up routines and some practical exercises. You don’t need to spend ages on warming up, just 5 minutes will often do. But make that time really count.When warming up, I like to come up with ideas that address the different skills you need to develop as a guitarist. So I include physical exercises, mental exercises and muscle memory exercises.

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