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High Impact Practice Routines:

How To Make Real Progress With Your Playing, Even If You Struggle To Find Time To Practice.

Video#1. Physical & Mental Warmups

Video#2. Training Techniques & Timing

Video#3. Phrasing, Feel & Fun

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So in this video we’re looking at Fun, Feel and Phrasing and some practical exercises you can build into your routines right now, to help you experiment and add some magic to your playing!

So it’s important that you end your practice sessions with something that’s just fun – to end on a high. That way you’re looking forward to your next playing session rather than dreading it! And without doubt, the best way to do this, is to play along to backing tracks.

Using backing tracks is also how you learn to develop your sense of rhythm and timing – and also develop your phrasing and feel. It’s always a good idea to jam along to something you’re already comfortable playing, so you can almost focus on not playing.

I know that sounds odd, but what I mean is that your playing is almost instinctive and your inherent muscle memory is doing all the hard work for you. So you can relax and focus on where you can take your playing next.

I often find it’s best to find a track with a simple set of repeating chords so you don’t have to think about what comes next and can really just get into the groove!

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