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High Impact Practice Routines:

How To Make Real Progress With Your Playing, Even If You Struggle To Find Time To Practice.

Video#1. Physical & Mental Warmups

Video#2. Training Techniques & Timing

Video#3. Phrasing, Feel & Fun

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So in this video we’re looking at the Training component and some practical exercises you can build into your routines right now, to help you remove those frustrating playing errors that can be really demotivating.

Now it’s a fact we all make playing errors, no matter how good we are. It’s totally normal and part of learning.

Some might say if you’re not making mistakes, your not learning or pushing yourself enough. And I’d agree.

But there are different types of mistakes, some are part of learning and some are avoidable, frustrating and can really undermine your confidence and motivation.

These avoidable mistakes, are often the result of two simple things. Firstly when we try to play stuff that is simply just too advanced for our abilities, and secondly, more often, when we’re trying to play too fast, too soon.

Now it’s important to understand that just rushing things is not the answer. The answer is to focus on accuracy first, and speed second.

To improve your playing accuracy, you need to really engage your physical, mental and muscle memory skills. And your secret weapon to help you achieve this, is your metronome.

And your secret weapon to help you achieve this, is your metronome.

Now as self taught guitarists we often forget this simplest of tools. But your metronome is the key to not only developing your own sense timing, but also by slowing things down you can literally learn anything.

So today’s exercises are all about how we can use our metronome within our Training sessions to remove avoidable playing errors and boost our timing skills

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