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Classic Riffs Volume 3



Classic Riffs Volume 3 includes these Guitar Riffs:

Beat It: Michael Jackson, Black Betty: Ram Jam, Black Dog: Led Zeppelin, Brown Sugar: The Rolling Stones, Crossroads Cream, Hocus Pocus: Focus, Paint It Black: The Rolling Stones, Paperback Writer: The Beatles, Roxanne: The Police, Stayin Alive: The Bee Gees, Superstition: Stevie Wonder, There She Goes: The Las, Walk This Way: Aerosmith, Wanted Dead Or Alive: Bon Jovi.


Master 14 All-Time Classic Guitar Riffs

Classic Riffs Volume 3. Suitable for Advanced Beginner to Basic Intermediate level players

With 3 Teaching Videos for each Guitar Riff, there’s a total of 42 multi-camera videos in this collection, plus full Tab and Backing Tracks… And it’s all downloadable, so you don’t need to be online to really have some fun!


• Easy 3-Step Learning System

• Note By Note Tuition

• Lifetime Access to all Lessons

• 42 Multi-Camera Videos

• 14 Backing/Jam Tracks

• Tab Book for all Riffs

• All videos, Backing Tracks and Tab are downloaded.

Master these Classic Riffs:

  • Beat It: Michael Jackson
  • Black Betty: Ram Jam
  • Black Dog: Led Zeppelin
  • Brown Sugar: The Rolling Stones
  • Crossroads Cream
  • Hocus Pocus: Focus
  • Paint It Black: The Rolling Stones
  • Paperback Writer: The Beatles
  • Roxanne: The Police
  • SambaPaTe: Santana
  • Stayin Alive: The Bee Gees
  • Superstition: Stevie Wonder
  • There She Goes: The Las
  • Walk This Way: Aerosmith
  • Wanted Dead Or Alive: Bon Jovi

Simple 3-Step Learning System

Learn these Classic Riffs easier and fast than ever with our 3-Step Learning System. For each Riffs there are 3 separate videos:

STEP 1: In the first of these 3 videos, I show you how the riff sounds when played at normal speed, so you know what you’re aiming for. Also, I share with you some tricks and tips on how to achieve the unique and authentic sound and playing style for each riff.

STEP 2: Then, in step two, I slowly take you through the riff, in real close up, section by section and note by note, so you don’t miss a thing. We also practice each section together really slowly, to make sure you’re 100% accurate and build your playing confidence.

STEP 3: In the final video we have a practice together, so you can make sure the riff is firmly embedded in your muscle memory. Then you can slowly build up to playing at full tempo either with the great backing track or the original song, so you can refine your rhythm and timing.

Sample Video

Here’s a sample of one of the practice session videos. (Note: you can also slow the videos down if you wish).

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