Andy | September 12, 2016

I want you to really feel and KNOW you're a better guitarist.

Today I’ve got something totally new to share with you. You see I’d like you to join me in a bit of an experiment.

This is a brand new idea, and I want to know if you’re up for it?

The idea is that I want to work with you for a straight 30 days, giving you coaching and support to give you a real step up in your playing skills, motivation and confidence. And at the end of those 30 days, I want you to really feel and KNOW you’re a better guitarist.

Now, I’m calling it my 30 Day Challenge, because that's exactly what it is – it’s a challenge and it lasts 30 days!

Is this for you?

So this is for you, if you feel your guitar playing has hit a bit of a plateau. You know, where you find yourself just playing the same old stuff you already know inside out, whenever you pick up your guitar.

And this is also for you, if you feel like you’ve struggled long enough without really moving forwards with your playing, but know that with the right structure, support and motivation you can really break through to the next level of playing.

But most important of all, you know you’re ready to put some time and effort into making it happen. Even if it’s just for 30 days.

We're starting on Saturday 1st October

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Now, I’ve still to work out all the final details and to plan the videos, plus sort out some tech issues etc, so for now all I can tell you, is that this special 30 day challenge will be launching on the 1st October.

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, but I truly believe I can make a real difference to your playing if you work with me for just 30 days.

So all you need to do at this point is register your interest and I’ll send you more details over the next few days, as we iron out all the details of exactly how this is going to work for you. Simply click the button below now to pre-register.

And to make sure you make progress during the 30 day challenge, I’m going make a small wager with you. But it’s a wager you can’t lose and it’s heavily stacked in your favour. I’ll give you more details on this over the next few days.

This is for all player levels...

I really can’t wait to start this challenge. It’s going to fun and rewarding for all of us.

And just in case you’re wondering, this challenge is for all player levels and for either acoustic or electric guitar. Sounds fun? All you need to do to find out more is click the button "Pre-Register" button above for more details.

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