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Easy Blues: The Blues Improvisation Toolkit. 

In this step by step course, created by Blues master Sam Lay, you’ll experience the fun of creating and improvising some really cool Blues solos.

You’ll see just how easy it is, to have fun and get creative with your playing, even if you’re at a relatively beginner level.

With this step by step course, you’ll feel your playing becoming more individual and expressive, as you discover how to translate your ideas onto the fretboard.

Now, this course has been specifically designed for you, if you’re relatively new to playing lead guitar, or you just loving playing Blues. Or if you want to learn how to get more creative in expressing yourself, through Blues improvisation.

This course is an essential Blues toolkit. It has everything you need in it to create some awesome and individual solos, quickly and easily. Plus everything in the toolkit is designed to work together, so you can not only follow everything exactly as shown and start creating solos immediately, you can also add to it and shape your own style and feel as you go.

The heart of training is soloing to a 12 bar Blues, in the key of E, which means we’ll be using that firm favourite, the Eminor Pentatonic scale, but we’ll also be adding some variation by including both the E major Pentatonic, and E Blues scales.

But what really sets this course apart, is the great collection of Licks we’ve created for you, that will inject some real Blues into your playing. These licks have been designed to either be played individually. Or you can link them together, repeat them, or mix them up with your own licks.

It’s all about using them as a great foundation and Launch pad to create some great expressive Blues solos, without just repetitively playing up and down scales. So let’s get into some Easy Blues right now, simply click the Add To Cart button and we can get started.

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