4.8 Fretting Exercises 1

Andy | August 28, 2015 | 9 Comments

We’re now going to look at 4 simple fretting exercises using one finger (The Forefinger to be precise). The aim here is to ensure every note rings out very clearly –so for the moment, just forget about the speed element. This will come with time.

Here are the exercises as explained by Andy:

Exercise 1:

Starting at the bottom E string fret the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th frets. Repeat for the A, D, G, B (Only to the 4th fret) and E strings

Screenshot 2015-08-28 18.03.06

Exercise 2:

Repeat Exercise 1 except this time starting at the 5th fret of the top E string. (The A note).

Exercise 3:

Repeat Exercise 1 except this time, include the open strings

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  1. Pamela Schmeckpeper says:

    I like that you focus on attaining correct technique in a relaxed way. Thanks for not making beginners play along with you; this always causes me to get flustered and miss notes.

  2. Ronnie Holderfield says:

    I love this exercise for beginners! I think that it’ll give the beginner a great chance to build strength in their hands and a way to learn the notes that their playing. The tabs are in the chromatic, but I can’t really read the notes. You might want to make the notes clear.

  3. Gary Stout says:

    4.8 Fretting: These are great exercises to familiarize the new learner with the fretboard. Is it too early for them to start naming each note? You say not to worry about that, but if they started repeating the note each time they hit it, it might be good for them.

    • Andy says:

      Yes I tend to use note, fret and string, so it’s probably a good discipline for them to hear them, even if they’re not quite ready for note names.

  4. Karl Anderson says:

    Andy if you are going to show the notes above the Tab they need to be spread out, they looked all jammed together at least on my display. No biggie. Good lesson for beginners. Thanks, Karl

  5. Brian Armstrong says:

    Good excercise but as a beginer it would be nice to know why you only play 4 frets on the G.

  6. Robin Haynes says:

    Andy, the TAB and written description don’t match the video. The video shows the chromatic correctly all the way up. The TAB, however, shows only going to the fourth fret on the second string instead of the third. Description also says that you go to the fourth fret on the B string; it should be the G string.

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