5.9 The One I Love Play Through

Andy | August 29, 2015 | 12 Comments

Play Through With The Metronome

Play Through With The Backing Track

The Song Outro

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  1. Brad Greenberg says:

    Thank you for the lessons, they are informative and simple, and teach a song. I have purchased another course and while informative it’s too much. You have an ease into it type of instructing, instead of here it is, keep up..which is great. Thank you again.

  2. Mario Pearson says:

    Hi Andy,

    I did not know that song before. I like it very much. It is easy to play with your very good explaination c/w backing track.

    Now I am asking you if it is possible to get the Lead guitar part to complete the whole song?

    Thank you very much for your good work.

    Best regards

    • Andy says:

      Hi Mario as we progress with future Volumes of 6 Week Guitar we’ll be getting more advanced and into playing both rhythm and lead ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ken Hammond says:

    Jay goes to show you can alway learn more from reviewing the starting point of playing – well done great program for learning.

  4. Jack Runnels says:

    I like the song a good strumming song easy for beginners. I would think a beginner should be able to play this in a very short time the way you have broken it down.
    Good detailed instruction.

  5. Anthony Gable says:

    Well I still don’t got it down pat, but I will keep working on it. I’m kinda bummed , I really thought I’d be able to keep up..

    • Andy says:

      Hi Anthony, playing along to a backing track is maybe not as easy as you initially think it is. But once you can do it, then the fun begins! Stick with it and you’ll get there in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anthony Gable says:

        Thanks for the encouragement Andy..I ‘ll keep at it.. You know I think I been finding it easier to sound good strumming something more up tempo like Johnny Cash.. Folsom Prison Blues type, I guess that’s because the mistakes aren’t as easily heard ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Marcus Hunt says:

    Andy, I have a problem and hope you can help. As I said once before, I use a clip on tuner to tune my guitar (I use both a Peterson Stroboclip and, more recently, a TC Electronic Polytune clip tuner). These tuners are set to 440Hz which is ‘standard’ tuning. However, when I try to play along with the videos and backing tracks something it out of whack; either I’m sharp or you’re flat. What’s more, when I try to strum along to the backing track it sounds terrible! Your guitar and the backing track sound fine together but mine doesn’t. What tuning are you using, please?

  7. William Flottmann says:

    You are a fantastic instructor…I never knew this song before but I downloaded the song and can chord right along with it (as well as the backing track)…Thank you!

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