6.1 Song Introduction

Andy | August 30, 2015 | 5 Comments

We are now going to use the same formula for learning your second song –Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.

Andy gives you a brief overview, but here are a couple of extra facts

The Facts
Covered by, amongst others, Guns ‘n Roses (a classic version with guitar solos and screeching vocals), The Grateful Dead, Avril Lavigne, U2 and Eric Clapton, this Bob Dylan classic was released in 1973 for the soundtrack of the film Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid and reached no. 12 in the billboard charts.

Two electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion and vocals.

The chords are nice and simple and, in order to play this song, we just need to teach you one more open chord; and that is Am.

The song speed is pretty slow, 67 Beats per minute (BPM) which should make it a slightly simpler task that The One I Love, although it is still in 4/4 time. This is deliberate, so you can increase your repertoire in half the time it took to learn your first song and you will now have 5 chords in your armoury.

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  1. William Alley Sr says:

    I understand everything you have written or said up to this point Andy! As you would say “Worry not”!

  2. JL Brunet says:

    “5 chords in your armory” – typo.

  3. Anthony Gable says:

    I’m looking forward to this one Andy. I actually CAN play a version of this song. I’m looking forward to see how you teach this classic song !

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