6.8 Playing The Song

Andy | September 1, 2015 | 5 Comments

Now it’s time to strum along to the backing track using the strumming pattern and accents you have learnt.

Once you are confident following Andy you can then play along on your own, concentrating on your playing accuracy, timing, accents, feel and…………enjoyment.

You can now play 2 complete songs!

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  1. Philip Holding says:

    Hi Andy, Great course that is set at my level however I am struggling with Knocking on Heaven’s Door. The verse TAB has 7 Bars and when you are strumming G,D,Am,Am,G,D,C,C, 8 bars which does not seem to match up? Also the words to the song show four lines to the verse. how does this fit to the seven Bars? Could It all be put on one down load ie melody picking above the TAB with the Strumming Cords below with the words?

  2. john picker says:

    good choice of second song follows nicely

  3. Anthony Gable says:

    YESS ANDY !! I got this song down! Even added some extra strums and emphasis …Feelin’ good about this. I’m still gonna go back and learn “The One I Love” I still have some problems with that song but I’m giving up on it !

  4. Brian Armstrong says:

    Great to have backing to play along with. Did struggle keeping up but thi should come with practice.

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