7.1 Beatles Riff

Andy | September 1, 2015 | 8 Comments

The Beatles; Twist & Shout

There is a real excitement when learning new songs, but these can take time; so here is a “quick win” that is a quick riff you can bang out in no time at all.

It is the intro to Twist and Shout by The Beatles that will test your picking and fretting and start to build up your song, lick and riff library.

It is played on the bottom 3 (E, A and D) strings and based around the 2nd, 3rd and 4th frets. You can play along to our backing track and follow the tab below once you have watched Andy’s instructional videos that include both a note by note instruction and practice session.

You will also learn your first technique to add to your toolkit (albeit on a minor basis) known as string skipping and there is an additional tab below to help you master this, which will also be fully explained by Andy.

You’re now starting to sound cool!!!!


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  1. Robin Haynes says:

    I find it very confusing that the standard notation that’s with the TAB is not written in the correct rhythm. It’s not all quarter notes. It may seem easier, but I think it’s not a good idea and could lead to confusion later on.

  2. Anthony Gable says:

    The course if I had to rate it ,, I would give 90 out of 100 points. I learned quit a bit . I think more chord sheet for changes would help out some . Also maybe have the downloadable material available for down load with each section. It would be easier to download the PDF’s and Mp4’s as you go. But that’s probably just for me as I am unable to open ZIP files.. All and All ,,,very good Andy !!

    • Andy says:

      Hi Anthony yes agreed, we’ll have the download along with the videos as well as in our resources section. Plus we’ll have them uncompressed – so no ZIP files 🙂

  3. Jack Runnels says:

    over all a nice program. I think a beginning guitarist will learn alot from this. The guitar parts are broken down in small parts that are easy to play and well explained. Keep up the good work Andy

  4. Brian Armstrong says:

    Good riff to learn easy to follow

  5. Glen Watkins says:

    The second bar of this riff shows the third and fourth notes played on the second fret on the low E string (F#/Gb). Shouldn’t it be the third fret (G)?

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