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Terry McKeogh

I’ve gotten so much from this challenge. I have been plugging away taking online lessons (elsewhere) for about a year now. The lessons are great, but until The Challenge I couldn’t actually play anything. Now I can play 3 songs along to backing tracks and it has really restored my enthusiasm for learning guitar. A big thank you to Andy and his team.


As part of the first group to undertake the 30 day challenge journey, I would like to say to anyone who is thinking of trying this next challenge that it is definitely worth while. The connection and cross-chat that you get with fellow challenge journey-men and women makes it beneficial on its own, never mind the motivation that comes from setting or having someone set you some achievable but challenging targets and then seeing them through. Even if you decide at the end that the Academy membership is not for you, you will have benefited just from the takeaway from your30 day activity. Go for it!

Andy Tattersal Martyn Kemp

I was on this 30 day challenge and I found Andy’s format for teaching me a breath of fresh air. It was well structured to accommodate all levels of guitarists, and so simple and easy to follow. Highly recommended!


My journey has been full of highs and lows but looking back it’s all been worthwhile. Now I can play much better and with more confidence. I’ve also met some great people along the way who have both helped and advised me. A great, enjoyable experience which, with addition of the Facebook page, I’m glad I embarked on.

Bob Watt Alex Cruz

Having (mostly) completed all 3 paths of the 30-day challenge, I can honestly say that the team at GCM have put together a very simple to follow yet engaging set of tutorials aimed at improving your overall knowledge of soloing and encouraging one to get back on the horse of regular practice while not falling into the doldrums of monotony.

Andy Partridge’s style of teaching is inviting and relaxing while he goes over the various paths from beginner to intermediary to advanced and manages to keep you engaged and returning each week for the next lesson. The addition of the Facebook group is in my opinion, one of the single best portions of this challenge as it has been inhabited by guitar players from all walks of life that have provided outstanding support for those struggling along with additional information, interaction, commentaries, humor for all. Both Andy and Jonathan are very active in the group which adds an additional element of expanded support.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by this online course and it’s ability to keep me engaged as other static online training has tended to become stale and discouraging especially after hitting some difficult areas and having no assistance by the instructor as who knows how long ago the training was recorded. Thanks Andy and Jonathan for the good times and I’m looking forward to continuing my training through the GCM Academy. Rock on!


The 30-day Challenge set me on the right track migrating from a rhythm guitar player towards becoming capable of playing lead parts. I needed the help understanding the basics and a process to ingrain it into my musicianship. You get what you put into it for sure, but Andy, the team, and your fellow challengers help and encourage you on the way. I am staying with it now as well, after the 30 days.

John W. Hartell Rob Pope

I completed the 30 day challenge (Journey 2) with Andy and everyone, and have improved both my lead improvisation skills and my confidence. The format and steps were easily laid out and I found them both informative and encouraging.

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About Your Instructor…

As a well respected player, teacher and coach, Andy Partridge is the lead instructor within the Guitar Coach Academy.

Andy’s gentle step by step approach and detailed note by note lessons, will give you the confidence, reassurance and motivation you need, to really achieve your guitar playing goals sooner than you thought possible.

His relaxed and engaging teaching style (complete with sometimes questionable jokes) make learning easier, faster, and so much more fun.

Starting today, you can remove the overwhelm and confusion of too many videos from too many different teachers, that just don’t fit your learning style… And just focus your time and effort to get the best results, fast!

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