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5.6 The C, G, D and E minor Chords

Your 1st 2 chords C and G

Now you have (hopefully – no, definitely) mastered the melody line and become familiar with the structure, it’s time to move on to the chords used in The One I Love .

So – What is a chord?

Essentially, a chord is a series of notes played together that are used as a musical accompaniment to songs. Learning chords to a song means you or (if like Andy sing like a wounded Rhino) someone else can sing the vocal line to that song. It is also the start of your progression to become a rhythm guitarist.

We are going to start by learning some basic “open” chords which are the easiest to play and use open and fretted strings to form the chord. (Photo example)

The other type of more complex ones are known as bar (or barre) chords and do not use open strings and, as a general rule, use the forefinger to hold down all the strings (the bar) and use the rest to make up the chord. (Photo example)


The first 2 chords we will be learning are C and G, 2 of the 4 chords used in The One I Love. These are known as “major” chords and, although we will not be going into the theory of why this is so right at this time, it is important that you remember this.

C and G Chord Changing Practice

The E Minor and D Major Chords

The E Minor and D Major Chord Changing Practice

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