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A Personal Guitar Journey


This is it. Music is what I want to do. There is no Plan B for me.

Hello! I’m Amanda. I’m 25, and live in Columbia, SC.
I wanted to share with you my thoughts and also some tips for beginner players. I’ve recently celebrated my 3rd year of playing guitar, on Sun Feb 15th.
I can’t even believe that! It’s just unreal to me.

There’s been lots of blood, sweat and tears. I’ve worked so very hard to get to where I am today. This is it. Music is what I want to do. There is no Plan B for me.

I will do whatever it takes to make this dream come true. It’s my passion, my heart & soul. It’s what I was meant to do.

I cannot imagine doing anything else. I’m the happiest when there’s a guitar in my hands. Feeling the cool strings under my fingers. The blaring of the amp.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and the most rewarding. I feel so very lucky & blessed to be doing this everyday. Still feels like a dream sometimes.

There’s been many ups and downs, and I’m sure they’ll be many more. I want this more than anything in this world. I want it so bad I can feel it & taste it.

I’ve made many musician friends, and feel very lucky to have them in my corner. Also, mom and dad have been two of my biggest supporters with this. They’re the ones that got the ball rolling on this for me and that’s something I could never repay them for.

I’ve got a very strong support system and couldn’t make it through the rough spots without that. I’ve never worked harder for anything in my life and the rewards have been absolutely amazing!!

Here are some tips for you beginners out there:

  • Don’t ever give up. Have a strong support system and find a good teacher that you get along with well.
  • Learn, listen and ask plenty of questions.
  • Be totally dedicated and have that passion – That’s a big part of what will keep you going.
  • Keep yourself inspired, motivated… and keep going.
  • Be prepared to work your ass off. Be patient and get as much practice as you can in everyday.
  • Get out in your local music scene as much as you can.
  • When your ready, get gigs and jam with other musicians as much as possible. You can learn something from most musicians.
  • Give it some time and I promise you, the rewards will come.

If you follow my advice, you will be successful.

I hope everyone that reads this, can take something away from it. I put a lot of thought & time into this. My first time doing something like this, so thought I’d give it a shot.

Got very emotional writing it. Enjoy it!! If any of you have any questions, or want to talk I’d be glad to help. Thank you for letting me share. Truly appreciate it!

Keep rockin y’all,


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