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How To Make Your Guitar Practice Fun?

How To Make Your Guitar Practice Fun?

How To Make Your Guitar Practice Fun?

Article by David Milsont

How To Make Your Guitar Practice Fun?

Often, it is seen that people who pursue learning any musical instrument, easily quit in the beginning only. There are various reasons behind it. But, the major reason behind the beginners to stop learning a musical instrument like a guitar is that they are not able to give enough time to their practice. And even if they do, eventually they get bored and so, they quit.

It means that most of the beginners quit due to the boredom they eventually feel due to their lack of practice. Guitar or any other musical instrument for that matter, needs you to have sufficient practice so that you can master it with the passage of time. Moreover, if you know how to play perfectly or near perfectly, you will enjoy your music, and it will altogether take you to an another world of music.

There are lots of ways you can make your practice more interesting and exciting which will not only entertain you but will also motivate you to proceed ahead in your learning. Let us take a look at some of the tips that will help you make your practice more exciting.

Plan Your Practice In Advance

When you decide on having your training sessions, it is advisable that you plan them ahead of your sessions. For this, you can keep reminders at different intervals that will remind you of your practice. Moreover, you can have reminders in your cellphones, on your fridge, your bedroom walls, or anywhere which will draw your attention.

When you plan your practice, you know that how much you need to put into that and to what extent it will be fruitful to you in all the ways.

Set Small Goals

When you have small or micro goals, you have to achieve them in your practice sessions, which will take you a long way in your musical journey. Moreover, it is easier to gain smaller goals than the bigger ones.

Also, when you fulfill your small aims of your learning process, you will get motivated to gain more and more. So, it is beneficial for you to set small goals to keep yourself motivated in your musical journey.

Hold Your Practice Sessions At Different Places

When you practice your guitar only at one place, naturally, you are going to feel bored after a point of time. We are humans, and so, we do need a change in everything we do. So, it does imply on your guitar practice also.

Music is an art, skill, a talent that you need to cultivate with the passage of time. When you are connected with an art like music, it is crucial that you have variations in the same. So, practice your guitar sessions at different places every time you do; this will make your learning more interesting.

Bring A Change In Your Technical Exercise

Have you asked yourself anytime whether you enjoy your scales? If yes, then too you need to have a change in your scale to bring innovation as well as fun to your practice. Make changes to your exercises which you perform during or before you hold your practice sessions.

It will also make your mind fresh and your fingers a little more flexible. Moreover, it is critical that your hands should be strong enough to keep you going through your entire session.

Take Mirror Into Practice Sessions

It is the best way if you practice in front of a mirror. It will not only make you realize about the faults in your body language, but it will also boost your confidence in facing the audience in future.

Mirror plays a vital role in motivating you to practice harder and with more enthusiasm. So, it is advisable that you hold any one or two of your sessions in front of a mirror as it plays the role of an audience.

Try Playing Some Older Songs

Do you remember that you played a list of songs when you had just begun learning your guitar? Try to play them once again and see how many of them you still remember without looking up at them.

By doing so, you will get a lot of excitement and thrill which will bring a new enthusiasm in your learning process.

Try Playing While Standing Up

If you are learning guitar as a part of your profession or want to pursue playing it professionally, then it is very important that you should practice playing it while standing. When you give your stage performance, your practice will show its effect during that time.

Once get habituated playing it while on your feet, try to add some fun to it by moving around the room, or jump a little with the beat. Make sure that you adjust the height of your strap to feel comfortable while playing.

Play It Randomly

It will be good if you play all the songs that you know randomly to add an essence of fun and entertainment. For this, you can play the songs of your playlist on your computer or iPod and shuffle them. Now, play the songs as they come.

It will give an entertainment and will also boost your confidence that you can play any song randomly on your guitar.

Keep Your Practice Sessions With A Partner

Music is said to be a social activity because it attracts everyone around you when you are indulged in it. There is nothing to practice with a person irrespective of the fact that he knows or doesn’t know better than you.

When you hold your practice sessions with a partner, it will make your guitar lessons more lively and enthusiastic. Moreover, it will motivate both you and your partner to improve your playing.

In addition, you can learn basic jazz guitar lessons in 3-4 parts from Tom Dempsey from New York Jazz Academy.

Practicing guitar in different ways as mentioned above, will make your practice more fun-filled and exciting. So, never quit, but, find means to make it more interesting.

Our goal is to provide you with the training, inspiration, motivation and confidence to become the guitarist you dream of becoming.

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