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Blues Brothers: Sweet Home Chicago

Written by Robert Johnson and released in August 1937, this song has been recorded by countless artists.

The intro to Sweet Home Chicago has also had many versions, but Andy has chosen to teach the one released by The Blues Brothers, with the guitar being played by the great Steve Cropper.

The Riff.

Its greatness is not its simplicity, more the way the double stops, vibrato and pauses effortlessly link into one another, making it immediately memorable. It can be employed as a generic riff to countless other 12 bar blues songs and so will help you enormously when jamming with others. Just make sure you play it in the right key!!!!

The sound.

I believe this is one riff that sounds great clean and bereft of effects. But, like all these things, do what you want with it once you’ve mastered all the small parts and can put your own stamp on it.

The Tab

Sweet Home Chicago


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