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Robert Cray: Phone Booth

Now this isn’t a riff, it is the beginning of Robert Cray’s beautifully played solo from his hit Phone Booth.


Why Choose This?

Andy really wanted to bring you something different and, in just a couple of bars, you can make out the distinct Robert Cray soloing style. This particular solo is played over the A minor pentatonic scale but has a unique feel all of its own, using pauses and vibrato amongst the “clipped” way some of the notes are played. It is something new to learn and takes you off the main highway to, hopefully, experience and learn something slightly diverse, but bluesy all the same.


Probably the most challenging of this month’s riff videos. But it will show you what you can do with a basic scale – even though it is only a taster to the complete solo

The Sound

I’d keep it as clean as possible, perhaps with some gain control. If you have a strat, you’re halfway there already. If not, experiment away!!

The Lesson Video

The Backing Track

Riff Tab

Phone Booth tab
Phone Booth tab

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