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Horse With No Name America
Horse With No Name America

Horse With No Name. Easy guitar lesson.

Horse With No Name. Easy guitar lesson.

Have you ever wanted to play a classic song that has some unusual chords that are easy to play? Well try Horse With No Name by America.

Apart from Em, the 4 chords used in this great song are not only unusual, but are very easy to master. No more than 2 fingers are required at any one time, and, because they are all played in the open position, ring out beautifully, giving the song its distinctiveness that is so recognisable.

We have shown you this song for a variety of reasons, namely;

– It is relatively easy to play

– It is a classic

– Many guitarists play it incorrectly – you will be able to play it accurately

– The chords are unusual

– The strumming pattern is relatively easy, but also has some techniques (such as palm muting) that give the song its flavour that will also enhance your skills

– If you can sing and play the guitar, you have another song to add to your repertoire

– The chords have great, complicated names, so you can impress your peers

– It is definitely fun

As usual, the detailed videos will teach you how to execute the song, step by step, showing the chord shapes and rhythm patterns, which you can develop and embellish further as you become more familiar with the basics.

The only thing we’ve missed out is the guitar solo, so we’ll bank that for another time.

Have fun!!!!

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