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3.1 Introduction

Welcome to Week 3. Now as we progress through this Journey you shouldn’t feel pressured if you’re not getting the time to practice or if you feel you’re falling behind at all. Although I’ve structured these journeys into 30 days, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to this timing.

If you feel you’re not ready to move onto week three just yet, then you should stick on Week 2 for a while longer. It’s really important that you are comfortable with each Week, or stage of the journey, before progressing on. You need to take it at your own pace in order to keep your motivation high. Remember – you will get there! Even if it takes longer than 30 days, it’s not a problem.

Quick Tips
Remember: If you want to play more songs and jam with our full band then check out the Band Song Library. Just click on the Dashboard link in the main navigation!



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