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4.1 Introduction

Now the rhythm parts have been mastered, time to learn the great lead solo that is played over the second part of the intro. It is one of those pieces that sounds easy, but it is the timing, feel and overall execution that will determine how well you are able to play it.

Like we have suggested before, really get to know the solo by singing along with it; that way you will become familiar with the melody, timing and other little nuances that occur.

Andy will begin by teaching you every note and technique in detailed, broken down into 4 segments, so you are not overloaded with too much detail at any one time. As there are also 4 separate videos, it will also make it easier to nail one part before progressing on to the next.

There will then be a practice session over the “non guitar” backing track. In the absence of any drums or other guitars, this will test your timing.

Finally, in preparation for your final week, we will be looking at some basic improvisation details to help you prepare for your jamming session over the outro chords that will give you a huge step towards creating your own solo.

Quick Tips
When listening to the solo, tap out the timing with your foot to help you understand where each of the segments starts.
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