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Smooth Criminal. Michael Jackson

Pickup ‘n’ Play:

In this weekly series of videos I want to share with you some awe-inspiring, non time-consuming riffs, melodic exercises and quirky takes on famous guitar parts, that will make you want to pick your guitar, cement your skills, and increase your thirst and desire to learn more!

Smooth Criminal. Michael Jackson (Alien Ant Farm)


The ability to pick up and play such a great riff without worrying about plugging in your guitar or what guitar you are playing is testament to the quality of a riff and the enjoyment it brings. Smooth criminal is definitely one of them. And it’s all about the rhythm.

This will test your fretting and picking speed, with an ability to play in time whilst making sure the notes do not ring out to achieve that staccato-style rhythmic feel.

You will only need the low E string to be able to play this, but you will be stretching from the 3rd to the 8th fret. I like this so much, I’m going to play it again right now.

Smooth Criminal Tab

Smooth Criminal Tab

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