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Muscle Memory DVD

This Muscle Memory training and workout program will effortlessly ramp up your playing speed, fluidity and accuracy, without you having to spend hours and hours on boring, repetitive drills.

Getting your fingers warmed up properly before you get into learning anything new is absolutely essential. It will make your playing sessions so much more fun and you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed, plus you’ll learn faster and make less mistakes!

So on this DVD I’ve recorded 42 warmup and training sessions for you. In these 42 sessions, you’ll learn and practice your string bending, pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides, and double stops. You’ll develop your palm muting, string muting, and string skipping. You’ll ramp up your fretboard knowledge, playing different scales, and in different positions. You’ll develop your finger dexterity, alternate picking, speed picking, and your rhythm and timing.

These 42 sessions, cram in every skill and trick in the book, to really train and develop your Muscle Memory so you can increase the speed and accuracy of your playing, as well as making it more fluid and intuitive.

And the really clever thing is, you can combine any number of the 42 sessions, in any order, and create hundreds of individual Workout routines – giving you months, if not years, of routines that will make your playing progress, easier and faster than ever. So you never need to be stuck for what to practice ever again.

Each session offers a new challenge, to keep your playing fresh and motivation high. Plus you get the full Tab, and 13 separate rhythm drum tracks, starting at 89bpm and going right up to 148bpm, so you can start each routine nice and slow and slowly build up your speed.

Here’s an example of one of the 42 Sessions:

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Muscle Memory DVD

PLEASE NOTE: These DVDs are for use on Computers as they contain MP4, MP3 and PDF files. They are not suitable for DVD Players or Games Consoles.

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