Horse With No Name. Easy Guitar Songs

Andy | September 16, 2013 | 12 Comments

Have you ever wanted to play a classic song that has some unusual chords that are easy to play? Well try Horse With No Name by America.

Horse With No Name. America. Easy guitar songs

Apart from Em, the 4 chords used in this great song are not only unusual, but are very easy to master.

No more than 2 fingers are required at any one time, and, because they are all played in the open position, ring out beautifully, giving the song its distinctiveness that is so recognisable.

We have shown you this song for a variety of reasons, namely;

– It is relatively easy to play

– It is a classic

– Many guitarists play it incorrectly

– you will be able to play it accurately

– The chords are unusual

– The strumming pattern is relatively easy, but also has some techniques (such as palm muting) that give the song its flavour that will also enhance your skills

– If you can sing and play the guitar, you have another song to add to your repertoire

– The chords have great, complicated names, so you can impress your peers

– It is definitely fun As usual, the detailed videos will teach you how to execute the song, step by step, showing the chord shapes and rhythm patterns, which you can develop and embellish further as you become more familiar with the basics.

The only thing we’ve missed out is the guitar solo, so we’ll bank that for another time. Have fun!!!!

Guitar Strumming Session. Teaching Video

Guitar Practice Session

The Song Structure & Chords:

Horse With No Name Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful and informative blog post. This article helps me to learn a new song. 🙂

  2. Henry Peterson says:

    Thanks for making the beginning lessons slow enough to understand, yet through enough to get the point across. most lessons pickup as if the student has been playing for awhile. thanks again.

  3. Rachel says:

    This was so helpful! You are an amazing teacher!

  4. Stephen jh says:

    Also the solo can be ad lipped to some degree playing over open strings then descending down an altered e minor pentagonc scale may be experiment and create your own using the notes out of the chord patterns e.g. f sharp over e a g gives a weird 70s feel

  5. Stephen jh says:

    I have practiced this and the more I play it I find bits I like,eg it slightly speeds up from the bass coming in to first chorus and tightens up creating an element of stress or tension

  6. jonathon says:

    Great lesson. I’ve watched loads of Vids on
    how to play this way Ty man clear understandable
    lesson. Still a hard one to learn. For beginners
    but you make it Easier to take in and use all
    the chords. Unlike most that only use 2 chords,
    this helps beginners like me. Understand the format on the right way to play from start to finish
    Thank you.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi! if anyone can help me with any tips on muting the strings that would be great.
    I’m quite young so I have small hands, it’s very hard to reach and get all the strings.

  8. dan caspi says:

    Great choice of a song and even better teaching technique style. Very helpful and enjoyable. The only additional request I have, if possible, a back up to play with so I can sound even better. I do play the harmonica in combination with the guitar so the back would be helpful but not necessary to learn from you. Thanks

  9. George Dixon says:

    I agree with Brant only I would also like to learn more about the bridge section. Love your teaching technic. Have and will continue to recommend your site.

  10. Max says:

    Great song and so simple to play. You definitely get a big bang for you buck on this one. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Brant says:

    Yes, thanks for teaching us how to play this song. I like the chords in the chorus much better than just playing the entire song using the 2 verse chords as many guys do.

    I got my guitar about a month ago and this is really the first song I’ve been able to play fairly well… the chord changes are so easy. You do a great job of teaching how to play it, I’ve watched it over and over again to try to get your strumming rhythm down.

    The only thing I had some trouble with was the muting. (never done it before!) That part isn’t quite as clear in the lesson as it isn’t explained in detail… so I had to just practice/rewind/practice until I was making it sound similar to the lesson. Took me a while to figure out that you’re only playing the first few bottom strings before muting. You make it look so easy!

    Love the song! (love America!) Thanks!

    I wonder what songs might be similar in skill level and style that you have lessons on that I might try next?

  12. carolina says:

    Hey man, thanks so much for this! Really appreachiate you taking your time to teach us strangers this song 🙂

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