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Warm Up Routines & Guitar Riffs

If you scour YouTube for long enough, you will come across may warm-up routines designed to get the blood pumping around your digits before you embark on, say a lesson, learning something new, a jamming session, or even a gig.

Some of these videos will be very useful and well informed (some will not) and some may fit your exact requirements. However, more often than not, such routines tend to be quite dull and do not motivate you enough to want to go through the task of fretting and plucking an array of unrecognisable notes.

We had a think about this and came to the conclusion that, if you put a warm up routine from a series of riffs from actual songs, using one or two chords (in this instance E-based shapes and licks), you could practice several techniques, play two or three riffs one after the other, and have a bit of fun whilst doing it.

Almost warming yourself up without realising it!

Learn the pieces Andy shows you in the video, which comprise strumming, picking, string muting, along with a couple of lead lick and you will (we hope) learn something new that will motivate you to try something similar for yourself. It is worth a try at the very least…and not one YouTube search required!!!

Warm up routines. Guitar Riff 1

Warm up routines. Guitar Riff 2

Warm up routines. Guitar Riff 3

Warm up routines. Guitar Riff 4

Warm up routines. Guitar Riff 5

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Warm up routines. Practice Session 1

Warm up routines. Practice Session 2

Screenshot 2015-06-12 08.57.27

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