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Reelin In The Years. Steely Dan

Reelin In The Years.

As promised, we have another great harmony guitar piece to learn. This is certainly more of a challenge than Rosalee, which featured in our last issue, where we concentrated on syncopated singles in a descending scale. Well where would we be without a challenge!

If you tried out our Rosalee harmony guitar lesson, you will know what fun it is to play along in harmony to another lead line. And this will ramp it up to another level.

The Reeling in the Years harmony lines first appears after the 2nd chorus and we have taken the essential elements of this harmony guitar line for you to learn and jam along with. So here goes…

This particular solo provides a great practice for your speed, combining hammer-ons and pull-offs and is a masterful piece of guitar that is ideal to utilise as a warm up routine that will seriously challenge your timing.

The harmony notes are taken from both the G and A major and minor pentatonic scales, with the bass line going from G to A. So let’s look at the notes of each of these scales:

G major Scale – G…A…B…C…D…E…F#…G

G minor pentatonic scale… G…Bb…C…D….F…G

A major – A…B…C#…D…E…F#…Ab…A

A min pentatonic – A….C…D …E…G…A

The 2 guitar parts select each corresponding harmony notes and the video will take you through these in detail and demonstrate how they work with their respective parts. As usual everything is fully tabbed and you will have a blast jamming along with the backing tracks to create a spine tingling sound.

This may well need some practice, so remember that patience is a virtue………..even if you don’t have the time!!!!!

Teaching video 1

Teaching video 2

Backing Track

Screenshot 2015-06-12 09.10.35

Screenshot 2015-06-12 09.11.31

If this is Reelin In The Years lesson a little too advanced for you, then I would recommend you taking a look at our Thin Lizzy, Rosalee guitar lesson to get you started.


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