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Freshman Guitars: Review

So, we were at NAMM, and one of the first stands we visited was Freshman Guitars. The aesthetics, quality and sounds of these guitars is very impressive. Plus the passion and enthusiasm of the Freshman team really make these guitars stand out. 

Andy just had to play one (in fact he played them all) and he believes that the guitar he reviews in the video (one of Freshman’s Apollo series) is one of the best on the market for the price, that will, probably, be the second guitar you will purchase – as a step up from the one you learnt on as a beginner. 

These guitars are designed in Scotland and represents superb value for money, with a clarity and evenness of tone that is rarely surpassed for this price range…the one he reviews has now become Andy’s favourite acoustic. 

Hand crafted with top grade wood, it has an evenness of tone and a build that makes it so easy to play…and it sounds terrific. 

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